Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Cuppa Tea?

This is a poem I wrote in November 2011 for an art/writing project between my University ( Winchester) and the University of Lincoln. I've optimistically sent it off to twinnings..... the tea leafs will tell! enjoy...  


You could say I am a necessity.

A treat.

A welcome warmth.

A sanctuary for those early times.

Late times.

Any times.

You could say I hold a little bit of heaven, the nectar of life.

For some of you, I am with you throughout the day.

I have your touch.

I have your lips.

your secrets.

your thoughts.

You could say I hold one of the world’s biggest drugs.

And I am the dealer.

As easy as you fill my world,

you empty it

and I am left, with dregs.

Your simple smile mirrors my own curves,

you hold me as if in prayer,

and I am grateful.

For you and I are one.

Without you, I would be porcelain,

still and boring on a shelf,

but with you I have purpose,

and with me, you have time.

So, choose your flavour,

and lets make liquid love.

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