Wednesday, 30 April 2014

NaPoWrimo 25 & 26


Take the honey, take it down, hold it in your mouth for a few months, maybe even a few spectacular nights of sweet sweet delight,
but wait until the honeycomb crumbles 
and the flowers have hidden
the queen you have so eagerly served will soon show you
how it is to sting. 


The humdingers are in a ding-hum of a situation
with the dong hums wondering which direction
the hum dangs have gone.
If the hum dangs are in a swinger of a turn
then it will only make the dong hums even more of a muddle
which will make the hum dingers the dung
as they have become hum drum 
and very much bung in the eyes of the hum dangs
But the hum dangs are silly, they are the ones in a muddle
the dong hums are silly, they are too curious
and the hum dingers are silly, as they forget they are the ones with the ding.     

NaPoWrimo 21 & 22

21 Starre Road

Lavender lotion on paper skin highlights deep set veins that create life maps of tales and truths and hidden things. I follow them with my wide eyes and I take in the smell of roses and powder and early morning conversations over coffee. She closes her eyes as I brush her hair into waves of memory that ebb and flow.


I gave up chocolate for lent
and this is how it went;
I didn't think about it
until the creme eggs wept
chocolate tears onto my tongue
and icing on my teeth -
never was there such delight
at such a sweetly meet. 

Monday, 14 April 2014

NaPoWrimo Day 14

My Mother sews light bulbs on the end of her fingers
in an attempt to see further into my brother's eyes.
I try to tell her that there has been a power cut on his road for the last month,
but she assures me that her engineer is on the case.

Thursday, 10 April 2014

NaPoWrimo Day 9 & 10

3rd Rate Underwear
I don’t think men are really aware that sexy purple underwear has third rate customer care for many shapely derrieres. You see, sexy purple underwear guarantees lots of lustful stares but it is not the garment to really care about your shapely derriere.
It rides all up and gets all stuck and twists and rubs and annoys the fuck out of you until you sigh oh why oh why oh why?! Did I wear this sexy purple underwear?
Who really cares if I dare to bare my shapely ladies derriere in sexy purple underwear?
Its on for two and off in one and really irritates my bum and leaves me feeling awfully like I’ve been riding mums dodgy bike, so,
Sexy purple underwear, I’ll have to stop our love affair
For my shapely derriere needs comfort, needs love, needs fresh air.  

Camden Conversations

She opened her Karma Sutra, 
between two strangers, bold
and remembered what I'd said to her, 
remembered what she'd been told.
She giggled and squealed and clasped her mouth 
with unguarded glee
and thanked me for the sex tips,
that I'd given her for free.

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

NaPoWrimo Day 8

I miss having grandparents

How I wish my grandfather was here
He would play all my worries and fears into his piano and create melodies that would sing,its ok.
He would touch the flat notes and the minors and treat them all the same
and only play with the keys, not with games.
He would ease the pedals, not press them
and hold each note as long as it wanted to be.

Joke bloke

He holds his dreams in graces
He holds an angels eye
He takes whats real
and hides it,
under knots and ties.

So if you see him,
let him know,
the clown is coming over,

to steal his nose.

Brooklyn Nights

Brooklyn Nights shy away from me,
I burn too bright for the street lights
and I hold things down too hard for the cement cracks.
Brooklyn Nights keep away from me,
they know I’d influence the nights monster,

I’d throw a tea party and have him eating all the cake. 

Sunday, 6 April 2014

NaPoWriMo Day 6

You Can't Take it With You

Jumping on the tube floor
thoughts fly delectably out of closing doors
I lunge to grab the end of the voice balloon
and I slam against curved shields.

I've realised you're still on the platform
amongst signals and tannoys.
I didn't feel you leave my hand
Charing cross has your attention now
and as I merge into the tunnel
I plant a message to the air.

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

NaPoWriMo Day 1

'You've got mail' shoots up on my screen and I dare to dream that Joe Black has messaged me.
Between the short snippets of pondering looks that have been serenaded by Randy Newman and the long lengths swum in the metaphorical, metaphysical, highly symbolical Olympic size swimming pool,
we have created a connection so innately present, that even death itself can't quite believe it.

 I ponder whether to write down some poetry love notes and decide instead to send a short whisper of an email.