Thursday, 14 August 2014

Meg Burrows Music

Over the last few weeks I have had the chance to play some lovely gigs all around Suffolk.

On Saturday 2nd August I happily ventured back to The Sweffling White Horse, one of my favourite pubs. With its quirky yet homely feel, low ceilings and lovely wines and ale I felt very relaxed to play a set of both my own songs and covers with the help of my guitarist Jonathan Coy. I felt very proud to come back and actually play some of my own songs on the guitar - the audience in the pub were lovely and supportive and I couldn't have asked for a better night. It was really good to be back at the White Horse, it had been a year since I had played there.

The 3rd August, I found myself at the Hadleigh Eight Bells as part of a charity fundraiser for ICR. It was brilliant to see young Jordan Hay play again - we met at the Spread Eagle open mic a few months ago now and to see how much he has progressed in such a short amount of time is really inspiring. Unfortunately I had to leave fairly soon after my set but I hope the rest of the afternoon went well and successful in raising funds for the charity.

Last Friday, 8th August I organised a gig at The Steamboat Tavern (which is now run by a new landlord, Andy and his wife.) Again, it was another pub that felt really good to go back to after being away travelling. The night was a real success - I decided it would be great to showcase Jordan Hay, Cherise Philips and Nick Brown at the gig as well as having myself and the wonderful Lucy Sampson as features ( check out the links below.) It was great to see so many people there and play some new songs that have recently been written.   MEG BURROWS   LUCY SAMPSON      NICK BROWN      CHERISE PHILLIPS         JORDAN HAY

Tomorrow I am off to perform both music and poetry at Folk East (ahheee exciting!) It really is an incredible festival, if you haven't been before I definitely recommend - I am looking forward to all the other spoken word artists and musicians (Bellowhead, Tilly Dawglish, Lucy Sampson & Jon Hart especially) but also to all the things that makes Suffolk special - the skills in art, craft, ale, food and general loveliness. I might even crack out some face paints so keep an eye as I'm sure I'll write about it on here afterwards.

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