Thursday, 10 April 2014

NaPoWrimo Day 9 & 10

3rd Rate Underwear
I don’t think men are really aware that sexy purple underwear has third rate customer care for many shapely derrieres. You see, sexy purple underwear guarantees lots of lustful stares but it is not the garment to really care about your shapely derriere.
It rides all up and gets all stuck and twists and rubs and annoys the fuck out of you until you sigh oh why oh why oh why?! Did I wear this sexy purple underwear?
Who really cares if I dare to bare my shapely ladies derriere in sexy purple underwear?
Its on for two and off in one and really irritates my bum and leaves me feeling awfully like I’ve been riding mums dodgy bike, so,
Sexy purple underwear, I’ll have to stop our love affair
For my shapely derriere needs comfort, needs love, needs fresh air.  

Camden Conversations

She opened her Karma Sutra, 
between two strangers, bold
and remembered what I'd said to her, 
remembered what she'd been told.
She giggled and squealed and clasped her mouth 
with unguarded glee
and thanked me for the sex tips,
that I'd given her for free.

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