Wednesday, 30 April 2014

NaPoWrimo 25 & 26


Take the honey, take it down, hold it in your mouth for a few months, maybe even a few spectacular nights of sweet sweet delight,
but wait until the honeycomb crumbles 
and the flowers have hidden
the queen you have so eagerly served will soon show you
how it is to sting. 


The humdingers are in a ding-hum of a situation
with the dong hums wondering which direction
the hum dangs have gone.
If the hum dangs are in a swinger of a turn
then it will only make the dong hums even more of a muddle
which will make the hum dingers the dung
as they have become hum drum 
and very much bung in the eyes of the hum dangs
But the hum dangs are silly, they are the ones in a muddle
the dong hums are silly, they are too curious
and the hum dingers are silly, as they forget they are the ones with the ding.     

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