Tuesday, 8 April 2014

NaPoWrimo Day 8

I miss having grandparents

How I wish my grandfather was here
He would play all my worries and fears into his piano and create melodies that would sing,its ok.
He would touch the flat notes and the minors and treat them all the same
and only play with the keys, not with games.
He would ease the pedals, not press them
and hold each note as long as it wanted to be.

Joke bloke

He holds his dreams in graces
He holds an angels eye
He takes whats real
and hides it,
under knots and ties.

So if you see him,
let him know,
the clown is coming over,

to steal his nose.

Brooklyn Nights

Brooklyn Nights shy away from me,
I burn too bright for the street lights
and I hold things down too hard for the cement cracks.
Brooklyn Nights keep away from me,
they know I’d influence the nights monster,

I’d throw a tea party and have him eating all the cake. 

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