Thursday, 2 October 2014

National Poetry Day!

Happy National Poetry Day everyone :)

I am now home after a full day of poetry in London - I am very lucky to say my favourite person is also one of my favourite poets and I got to spend the day with him watching some of our favourite poets, celebrating poetry at National Poetry Day Live at Southbank Centre, London.

It was a brilliant day filled with poets such as Ross Sutherland, Raymond Antrobus, Kei Miller, Joshua Idehen, Hannah Silvas & John Hegley. Two brilliant poets who helped produce the day also performed - the fantastic Sophie Fenella and a finalist for this years Young Poet Laureate, Rachel Long. I felt a lot of word, voice and biscuit love today, it was truly wonderful.

Also today, I have launched my own project, 'Postcard Poetry' by giving the first Postcard Poem away! I wrote it next to the Thames this morning.... felt very in the spirit of NPD.

Here is another poem I wrote today on the theme, 'Remember;'

You get yourself ready in the dark depths of remember....
You turn off clocks, stop your watch and surrender, to all the cliches and cut outs of memory, to all the expectations of grief and unsaid comments to longing, but I shout out in relief!
This is the time to be LAUGHTER, to gather up the goodness in echoes and let them bellow through streets, through greets, hands and meets and let them reverberate her undeniable character all the way back to you.

P.S Here is a link to my favourite poet, Antosh Wojcik

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