Monday, 13 October 2014

Postcard Poetry

For the love of words, stamps, people and imagery I started the project 'Postcard Poetry.' I have for years, collected Black & White postcards, sent them, sent letters and written poetry and I thought, why not combine them together?

Starting on National Poetry Day 2014, fellow poets, writers and postcard enthusiasts embarked on the project, a project which I refer to as a 'Chinese Whisper' of poetry via postcards. I started it by writing a poem at South Bank on NPD 2014 about Bubbles ( my Grandma) and gave it to the next poet on the list (I cheated slightly as it was my boyfriend so I didn't post it but hand delivered it.)
I had intended to take one of my postcards off my infamous 'wall' but I forgot in my dash for the train that morning, so instead I very quickly squiggled a biro doodle. This is something I'm encouraging the other poets & writers to do - drawing your postcard would be great as this project is very much about the art as much as it is about the words.

I will be keeping a log of the postcards as they go on their journey with the hope, that possibly, I can bring the postcards and poets together at the end of it for an exhibition.

Here is Antosh's photo - a postcard from me, Meg

If you would like to be involved please email;   (Meg Burrows)

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